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- Edited by: MenanceWhite on 03/01/2010 10:50:30 Sensor backup things that go into low slot counter m ...2010.01.03 10:45:00
- For reals, they are so hateable I have no word for how awful they are. The loot they drop is often g ...2010.01.02 21:59:00
- erm, you know that the inertia stat is so that the ship is more agile the less inertia it has right? ...2009.12.31 10:22:00
- gee, sure is single person thinking he's 100% of the EVEON subscriber base now. ...2009.12.30 22:23:00
- I don't know, look at the size charts. Some of the dessies are actually bigger than the logistics. ...2009.12.30 11:48:00
- EFTers don't know 'bout my titan tank ...2009.12.30 10:57:00
- I like the asymmetric model. It's imagine the scorp with 2 wings. And that's TWO wings, as much as T ...2009.12.30 10:48:00
- Kestrel with std missiles and MWD. snipe them for 30k ...2009.12.29 19:55:00
- bumping this old topic again, never got answer on what really happened with the detailed weapon mode ...2009.10.25 11:28:00
- Topic name. Seriously. A dread sized auto cannon pretty much fires trains or something even bigger. ...2009.09.27 21:42:00
- Yeah, that's what's been happening. Frigs and weak cruiser rats popping when I point my turrets at t ...2009.09.17 17:01:00
- Edited by: MenanceWhite on 17/09/2009 16:15:08 Pretty much topic name: What happened with the turre ...2009.09.17 16:13:00
- Fleet name: OHWHATTHEShips:1 x Phobos 10 x Sader 30 x Falcons 5 x Nightmare ...2009.09.11 13:07:00
- All I know is that Kruul left his pile of DNA sitting by the damsel...Has anyone found out what its ...2009.03.20 23:30:00

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