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- truncated content ...2011.06.30 21:12:00
- CCP's alright, somebody check my brain. ...2011.06.26 23:43:00
- CCP tries to tell us that we will look cool with a monocle that costs as much as a dreadnought. Seri ...2011.06.26 15:35:00
- "The lady doth proesteth too much" or something similar goes the quote.I have read on here seemingly ...2011.06.08 22:31:00
- The world is not ending tomorrow; the pious are merely ascending to heaven. And you are absolutely ...2011.05.20 21:34:00
- Many users of EVE run more then one account for theire needs. So many of us pay the double price or ...2011.05.20 21:32:00
- Jamming was fixed. It now occurs every 20 seconds instead of varying 20 to 300+ seconds between jam ...2011.05.04 01:24:00
- It was me. I was buying a couple TE-2100 launchers when it happened, sorry folks. ...2011.04.14 01:18:00
- actually that is a mis-statement, the longer any current or former CCP staff member who has ever rec ...2011.03.30 01:53:00
- I support the removal of stargates. With warp drive speeds it would only take a day or two to get ...2011.03.04 22:15:00
- Now deal with it. hey-hey, whoa, you can't use this line if you have no sunglasses LOL!! ...2011.03.04 22:03:00
- I think you should be allowed to contract illegal items on private contracts. I wanted to give a for ...2011.03.04 21:57:00
- "To start, not a troll."Not a good way to start a post, usually means just the opposite. ...2011.02.06 17:05:00
- Yeah, we want black space!!Nice pics too!! ...2011.02.06 15:18:00
- Everyone will have another chance to redesign their character once they release scars/tattoo/percing ...2011.01.21 22:18:00

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