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- Gedon, with pulses.This, however drop one pulse and add a neut. You lose some DPS, but you kill thei ...2009.06.01 04:48:00
- Edited by: Badgerous One on 01/06/2009 02:11:25 ok not to sound like a complete ass but.... Big bad ...2009.06.01 04:45:00
- I'm looking for a passive shield tank fit for a myrmidon. I'll be using it to plex in lowsec and I'm ...2009.05.31 21:58:00
- because hes not a mission runner, its for fleet escorting and mainly fleets.Escorting: he don't need ...2009.05.30 13:34:00
- 4 realies?Gotta love GD ...2009.05.28 04:16:00
- I'm about to fire up a new account for the specific purpose of non-combat ISK generation. I don't wa ...2009.05.28 04:07:00
- So a pirate killed a carebear and the bear whined about it? This was worth a post?... ...2009.05.25 20:57:00
- the most rampant isk sellers in eve sometimes have a phone number added to their spam messages, whic ...2009.05.18 15:23:00
- I don't see why people insist on posting thread after thread after thread of the same whine. There's ...2009.05.15 16:38:00
- I've set my sights on a sac, and am currently training missiles and their support skills on an alt. ...2009.05.14 19:37:00
- Grammar **** detected.Recommended actions: Troll thread or leave shaking head/midnightmartyr leaves ...2009.05.13 16:11:00
- My son's 8 and he fly's as my wingman whenever he feels like some Pee versus Pee. Now if only he wa ...2009.05.11 15:27:00
- ┐How is babby formed?How girl get pregnant? ...2009.05.11 15:21:00
- do u think its good for solo pvp?Conventional wisdom is that you should active tank if you are going ...2009.05.11 14:30:00
- Edited by: MidnightMartyr on 08/05/2009 20:59:21 As an Ishtar pilot I have to add this one statemen ...2009.05.08 20:58:00

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