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- Seems odd to me, if we're trying to free slaves then why can't we? If not in too distant future we c ...2010.01.03 06:53:00
- Imagine the possiblities...Whatever you can imagine, we can do. Fly for one the best ceo's out there ...2009.12.08 04:03:00
- I agree with Lo'Kii, see what us pirates are up to! ...2009.11.07 03:09:00
- *bumpage*Join us! You know you want to! ...2009.11.04 06:20:00
- daily bump for great corp. ...2009.11.03 03:25:00
- *bump* ...2009.10.31 03:29:00
- This is the first real corp I joined, and personally I couldn't have picked a better group of pilots ...2009.10.30 03:47:00
- I appreciate all the responses I have gotten. I have applied to a corp, but will keep other response ...2009.08.24 00:19:00
- I've been on EVE for about a year, with a few month break. Never been in a corp,except one I made, a ...2009.08.23 01:19:00
- Been on about a year and just found this post, Delta-west of Toledo. ...2009.08.03 04:38:00
- Bought 10 tickets ...2009.07.31 05:26:00

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