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- Iancasnim 17,61,70,87,106,1,3 ...2011.07.26 17:41:00
- I am thinking about creating an alt and want a way to make money with it. I thought about a mission ...2011.07.12 19:42:00
- The CSM repeated the concern, raised at previous summits, that too many resources were devoted to ...2011.07.12 17:34:00
- Edited by: Iancasnim on 12/07/2011 16:47:11 On page 11 of 42.Lookin good so far.Really like the USL ...2011.07.12 16:45:00
- Would it be skills/skill level? colony buildout/layout? buy/sell prices? Product choice?I seem to be ...2011.07.08 19:16:00
- truncated content ...2011.07.08 13:36:00
- Kalestia,I agree with you. The game development does lack a coherent focus.I work in software develo ...2011.07.07 20:01:00
- I used to sayIf you don't like it, quit.However, I realize that's unproductive.I would instead sugge ...2011.07.07 19:05:00
- Make it happen CCP!!!! Ha ha ha! Would CONCORD retaliate if you hit someone with one? ...2011.07.07 18:56:00
- I can't tell if this is pure genius or utter madness.I personally believe that madness is a strong c ...2011.07.07 16:56:00
- A marketing campaign and a new web presence.Good to see you guys are working on what matters.That wa ...2011.07.07 16:17:00
- Edited by: Iancasnim on 07/07/2011 16:11:19 Okay... this is really interesting. The Aurum unlock is ...2011.07.07 16:07:00
- Hey guys, press release is here on the EVE site.I'm really looking forward to the effect this has on ...2011.07.07 15:51:00
- I see many a post involving, "I'll quit if you can purcahse SP"...I started playing eve four weeks a ...2011.07.07 15:41:00
- Remote Sensing is only useful if don't want to actually travel to the system you want to scan. If yo ...2011.07.05 14:27:00

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