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- Happy birthday to the most dangerous corp in eve... at least if you drop the soap. ...2011.01.23 01:56:00
- Confirmed that the deal went through and transferred character. Thanks! ...2008.09.27 18:16:00
- Yes, I have now received my isk back. Thank you for that, but not for wasting my time and effort de ...2008.09.27 05:36:00
- When negotiating the buyout we discussed the possibility of a hitch on the transfer and I indicated ...2008.09.26 21:16:00
- All GTCs are sold. Thank you all. ...2008.09.26 04:47:00
- Sent remaining balance of 2,350,000,000 for a total of 4.85 bil to Garion Thorongmor. Awaiting tran ...2008.09.26 04:26:00
- All above have now been processed, and I just have one left. ...2008.09.26 04:12:00
- Edited by: Grievance on 26/09/2008 04:46:49 Secure trading, will process immediately. Will post SOL ...2008.09.26 02:22:00
- Deposit in the amount of 2,500,000,000 sent to Garion Thorongmor ...2008.09.26 01:05:00
- Buyout as negotiated in game 4.85b with deposit of 2.5 and the remainder within 24 hours. Characte ...2008.09.26 00:57:00
- Ok, I think thats 3pm my time. Until what time do you think you will be on? I don't think I can get ...2008.09.25 20:13:00
- Bid 4.5 bil, watching forum, will be online 7pm Pacific (West Coast) Time or earlier. ...2008.09.25 18:52:00
- Yes, thats a very nice character, but out of my budget for an support alt. Thanks though, he will m ...2008.09.24 20:02:00
- Looking for skills in the following: -Production -Mass Production -Refining -Science -Laborator ...2008.09.24 18:14:00
- Those are false character names and you have been reported, syuuse. Thanks for the bump all the sam ...2008.09.24 02:56:00

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