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- No yepMaybe ...2011.07.06 19:16:00
- So lemme get this straight, i'm reading a post of a post that was in response to an article in a gam ...2011.07.06 00:16:00
- You have just asked the same questions that everyone without a SC asks and everyone with ignores ...2011.07.05 22:41:00
- Nicely done, a guy finds a clip that noone else has found, posts it and literally 5 mins later you p ...2011.07.05 22:00:00
- "EvE works flawlessly for 3 whole hours" Classic ...2011.07.05 21:29:00
- Even then, they are usually the last thing I fit on my passive Drake, and the first thing to go when ...2011.07.05 05:21:00
- Edited by: Yabba Addict on 04/07/2011 18:30:26 We're just trying to catch up. Why are you target ...2011.07.04 18:30:00
- LMAO I love how these trolls are dissecting this post and failing to notice the parody...Yeah, TI ...2011.07.04 04:46:00
- Auto targeters you can find on ECM boats, as they give extra targeting slots ...2011.07.04 04:23:00
- Perptuum Forum that way----> ...2011.07.02 04:06:00
- +1 to Funky ...2011.07.02 02:25:00
- Question for Funky Bacon Are you planning another chat show after the statement/press release? ...2011.07.02 02:20:00
- Do you think this has hurt trust in CCP more than the T20 event? ...2011.07.02 01:54:00
- Would the CSM ever use resignation as a form of protest? ...2011.07.02 01:39:00
- Don't worry about it, scanning down what used to be unprobable ships now takes perfect skills, impla ...2011.06.30 22:32:00

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