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- uhh, do they count "days" in the world of EVE by Earth-days? or..... eh.... yes, earth days.all your ...2004.05.17 08:16:00
- let's not have them turn at all. just have them facing 1 direction the whole time and it can fly si ...2004.05.11 02:48:00
- Microsoft once made a game called Allegiance where players could take turret points in capital ships ...2004.04.29 07:47:00
- Now show me a BS capable to destroy another BS with half weapons BS sized and half for antifrigate ...2004.04.28 08:07:00
- Actually it is working just fine, here is what I noticed.For escrow and courier missions, I tried to ...2004.04.27 03:51:00
- Genuine concern here!A year or so down the line, when we're all flying our Tech 4 Battleships and th ...2004.04.26 16:46:00
- no offense, but your setup kind of sucks. I'm not surprised you lost regardless of the NPC's.a mult ...2004.04.26 04:34:00
- Edited by: Lucas De'Thal on 26/04/2004 03:42:26 actually, I think EVE has the more mature player ba ...2004.04.26 03:41:00
- hardware upgrades usually never go perfectly. there will be some downtime even after the upgrade an ...2004.04.24 16:30:00
- i've had a post about this going in patch review for a few days now and still escrow is broken...... ...2004.04.23 02:44:00
- *bump*So, what is better: more resistance or more hitpoints?more resistance, 50% over time will last ...2004.04.22 10:10:00
- If you want to extend your account once the trial time has expired, go to the Account Management s ...2004.04.22 07:35:00
- hmmm sorry but i'm not laughing. 460 mb dl just isn't funny in my book of humour :( oooo yipppy pa ...2004.04.22 07:14:00
- the new patch did not fix escrow.still broken ...2004.04.22 04:56:00

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