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- lol you crazy... ...2009.05.29 10:31:00
- The beauty of lvl4s in high sec is that anyone can do them...well if your not too lazy to grind stan ...2009.05.27 11:29:00
- As long as the character never touches a mission they will not affect the corp standings. ...2009.05.18 23:30:00
- I have to agree T1 loot should be removed from missions because it does throw the mineral prices out ...2009.04.21 13:48:00
- Once EVE is fully upgraded *cough* I am sure it will compete graphically with the new contenders for ...2009.04.10 03:10:00
- Edited by: Crumplecorn on 09/04/2009 01:57:54 yer i meant unrealistic as in combat style....And, eh ...2009.04.09 04:23:00
- I think it's a shame the way T3 will turn out. I don't get why they put so much effort into creating ...2009.04.05 07:56:00
- You'll be ganked fo sho!Use a scout and you'll be fine. ...2009.03.30 14:41:00
- Well considering EVE is a niche game for space nerds I think the box version will be overlooked for ...2008.11.17 00:31:00
- Hey guys, does anybody know when the next bandwagon is coming along? I'd like to be on it. ...2008.11.12 19:49:00
- MegatronRobots in disguise! ...2008.11.12 17:23:00
- SO... they brought large missiles back in line with large turrets, what's the problem?...also what's ...2008.11.12 03:31:00
- Honestly, you were getting them too cheap in the first place. If anything I think people are startin ...2008.11.06 15:54:00
- I have been tackled by the police before. I hate the part where they flip you over face down and put ...2008.10.10 16:34:00
- I think things will stay quiet here for a while yet to be honest. The next few months there are so m ...2008.10.10 08:47:00

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