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- Velegion Trakker,20,28,35,73,98,109,143 ...2011.07.27 17:34:00
- Just found this thread, another pilot in Pittsburgh here.Gimme a shout ingame sometime ...2011.06.21 22:58:00
- Actually I sucked it up and reinstalled the client last night, seemed to have fixed the problem... f ...2009.08.17 18:11:00
- While playing eve, my screen suddenly goes black. There's no error message indicating that my connec ...2009.08.15 16:22:00
- Edited by: Velegion Trakker on 06/08/2009 22:16:08 I personally would rather see a button that allo ...2009.08.06 22:13:00
- Can jiggle the probes around to get a better hit, change ships, or up your skills more so that you c ...2009.07.16 03:38:00
- Those are gravimetric backups that increase sensor strenght and make the ship harder to be probed. ...2009.07.16 03:21:00
- This just happened to me today as well. I did try the whole changing the filters thing as that has w ...2009.05.08 03:32:00
- Aye... that's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the reply though. ...2009.04.21 06:45:00
- If another corp were to set up a highsec POS would another corp be able to use it, or does anyone wi ...2009.04.21 04:11:00
- I had the same problem last night, but when I logged in after the patch this morning assets in curre ...2009.03.17 14:08:00
- Seems to be....I did manage to find 1 (one) belt in whole day of scanning. Got a hit on a second one ...2009.03.08 21:47:00
- So.. this may sound like a stupid question, but has anyone been able to actually pinpoint any Gravim ...2009.03.08 17:29:00
- You mean I have to be without EVE between TQ downtime and sisi start-up?? noes... noes........ ...2009.03.08 11:04:00
- Hey there is a thread that solved my problem, hope it does the same for you guys.linkage ...2009.03.07 23:19:00

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