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- No . ...2011.06.25 15:52:00
- Saw the blog. Sees that it's basicly a big "QQ" and blaming the players for the "****storm"..CCP do ...2011.06.25 01:38:00
- Turned it off ...2011.06.24 00:46:00
- Sorry but why is CCP trying to milk sites about EVE for money?... sites that advertise and already b ...2011.06.15 16:43:00
- The fact that CCP doesnt deny this claim is telltale sign that the game will infact be Sony/PS3 excl ...2011.06.05 22:02:00
- 20minute survey without proper thanks? fucj that. ...2011.05.19 18:08:00
- old forums. Someone at CCP didnt take his Human Computer interaction courses seriously. The new fo ...2011.04.10 17:30:00
- Good move. Finally we'll see some reason for powerblocks to break up and fight for the best turf.<3 ...2011.04.01 14:34:00
- Agree on most part with the positive feedback. Nothing to add here except that I learnt from persona ...2011.03.30 04:34:00
- no , please rid ourself of habbit. We'll even throw in a few coven! ...2010.12.28 10:40:00
- Pandemic Legion will offer our protection services for a modest fee... ...2010.10.19 18:59:00
- Noobjuice shouldnt be on the no-scam list leaders of PL ;( I never got my IBIS back! ...2010.10.12 19:44:00
- Security pen-tests, logservers for log storage, testing forum security, comms and general communicat ...2010.09.30 20:54:00
- Blaster Worm, your words are delicious although slightly bitter when served with a slice of grape. ...2010.09.11 17:01:00
- Occasionally EVE would crash to desktop with ATI card when running three clients.Was deciding on whi ...2010.09.04 15:23:00

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