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- You guys should leave him and his +1 implant market fixing alone. It sounds like he's saving up for ...2006.11.09 15:04:00
- I don't think that the game mechanics currently create an atmosphere where an insurance business, ou ...2006.11.09 14:44:00
- Edited by: Stoick Furious on 07/11/2006 20:20:59 This is ridiculous lol. When a person posts an ou ...2006.11.07 20:19:00
- My question, clearly stated is:Do you have any data, evidence or proof that suggests that your busin ...2006.11.03 19:33:00
- Edited by: Stoick Furious on 03/11/2006 19:19:04 I'm not an alt. I don't know how one goes about p ...2006.11.03 19:16:00
- First of all I donít think that anyone in this thread has flamed you. You posted a promotional vide ...2006.11.03 18:22:00
- Edited by: Stoick Furious on 03/11/2006 12:13:30 Agreed. There's no reason to get defensive. Nobo ...2006.11.03 12:11:00
- ok after reviewing my post I think I may have made it sound a little more stand-offish than intend. ...2006.11.02 17:48:00
- I'm not entirely clear on this so forgive me if I misrepresent one of your concepts. It looks to me ...2006.11.02 17:40:00
- Hey, I'm trying to diligently do some market research and was wondering if anyone was aware of any c ...2006.10.30 18:16:00
- It has been my experience with actual investment that minority shareholders show their disagreement ...2006.10.27 16:54:00
- Just keep producing/reselling them at your usual price or even a little higher. Either one of two t ...2006.10.27 16:27:00
- Those crazy Africans! ...2006.10.26 17:37:00
- I just started this game about a month ago so I'll admit right from the get go that I am undeniably ...2006.10.25 19:40:00
- Why is it that every time there is a big content patch all the sheeple in Eve hoard isk? Shouldn't ...2006.10.21 12:04:00

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