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- just use triage, dont try to tank that **** outside triage, its gonna end badly. ...2011.07.05 08:44:00
- No, the wardec only applies to your corporation/alliance. ...2011.06.09 07:28:00
- \o Skvis and HerbstSocratic has been around Arnon for ages, dont chase him out of the game please, i ...2011.05.21 19:16:00
- Interesting topic.I agree with the person who wrote the stuff about your conciousness being a contin ...2011.04.26 11:54:00
- Edited by: Kacer Xenro on 28/03/2011 13:10:29 -derp, ignore- ...2011.03.28 13:10:00
- Those turrets looked pretty complete already. At least model wise.I really hope they'll be out soon. ...2011.03.26 17:18:00
- isnt this thread like, 9 months late? ...2011.03.21 17:23:00
- i have been living in a class 5 wormhole with my alt since christmas.the only static exit we have is ...2011.03.21 14:43:00
- so, what you want is salvage that you have to... probe out?also, read up on supply and demand, if yo ...2011.03.21 11:31:00
- Catari, i dont think that bug occurs from mass only, the other day we had two of these "cloaking wor ...2011.03.21 11:06:00
- i only see two losses on the killboards, both of them in a .5 either you arent posting kil ...2011.03.14 13:11:00
- confirming that trucks should have the same armor as a you see my point? ...2011.03.14 13:04:00
- VLC have a 'always on top' option, use it with the 'maximized' mode in eve, then you'll have an inga ...2011.03.03 14:08:00
- Really, something like this is so easily avoidable its ridicoulus...why would you even fly with peop ...2011.03.03 14:03:00

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