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- they need to upgrade from MySQL to Oracle imho I believe they use MS SQL 2007 cluster as MySQL clust ...2010.01.09 23:01:00
- Edited by: Yal XianKun on 30/11/2009 11:24:17 The reason you don't see reviews of pod pilot establi ...2009.11.30 11:24:00
- I would be delighted to attend should you wish to send me an invitation. May I book arrangements fo ...2009.11.27 10:26:00
- I was sat at my local café in Korsiki recently, "enjoying" a particularly poor example of breakfast, ...2009.11.27 09:03:00
- I'd like to stick my oar in on the rigs topic. It seems nonsensical to me that if I take a theoreti ...2009.11.25 12:47:00
- I recently learnt that, as a debit card cusomter, "monthly billing" is a bit of a misnomer: it's 30 ...2009.10.29 19:27:00
- 1) Of course they'll have to replace them if/when they die. That's no different than any of the othe ...2009.06.25 23:06:00
- My only suggestion is that the data it works off of is from kills: tracking damage on ships it doesn ...2009.06.25 15:42:00
- Would prefer it as a POS module though, one per system, making it a good target.what would a static ...2009.06.25 11:19:00
- I did not mean in a literal T2 style. Perhaps what I meant was in a tier or class style: the outpos ...2009.06.24 14:16:00
- This may or may not need a module thinking about it: could just be an intrinsic part of the ship (th ...2009.06.24 13:35:00
- Would prefer it as a POS module though, one per system, making it a good target. ...2009.06.24 11:53:00
- programmer's point of view: need another variable for the damage taken need a routine to increment ...2009.06.24 11:21:00
- did I say /signed already?...really.It is understandable that modifying all in-game POS to a new sys ...2009.06.24 11:11:00
- What mechanic do you suggest to stop spies getting into your fleet? Its part of Eve and impossible ...2009.06.23 16:45:00

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