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- Can I have your stuff?Share the riches man, hes got MILLIONS of isk, can I at least get a stirp mine ...2010.08.05 10:56:00
- +1ing dis ...2010.07.13 12:41:00
- I had an idea of a fix for super carriersinterdiction nullifyer yeah, that's a real good idea you ...2010.07.11 06:39:00
- More Questions?Why does two characters count as solo?Only counts if one is a Falcon. ...2010.07.06 16:53:00
- you could grind a bpc and build oneWhich is exactly the same as buying one.Actually it's ALOT worse, ...2010.02.03 07:26:00
- Those FMP fits are about right but drop an eanm for an anp and you get room for a medium neut. ...2010.01.17 15:00:00
- -also armor plates gives more hp than shield extenders When armor start regenerating on its own, ...2009.12.29 13:02:00
- Also annoying how once you have a certain amount of people in a particular folder it can become impo ...2009.12.15 02:59:00
- You're not going to be surprising anything with a cloak fitted. Man up and leave it off.Fortunately ...2009.12.14 23:29:00
- Rupture/Vexor ^ ...2009.12.14 23:17:00
- Yes I love spyware keeping track of what I do.Xfire != spywareBasically it does what steam friends d ...2009.12.13 09:08:00
- truncated content ...2009.12.12 02:36:00
- Lows: 1x Damage Control 3x NanofibersMids: 1x MWD 1x Warp Disruptor 1x Large Shield Extender 1 ...2009.12.07 15:01:00
- bawwwww ...2009.12.06 06:29:00
- Good post Kessah but my god this thread's already turned to **** and it's gonna get worse. ...2009.12.02 07:37:00

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