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- Heck, I'm an avid hybrid user and even I think projectiles have been way overnerfed after running ou ...2003.08.06 20:40:00
- I dont know what you guys are smoking. my plain vanilla 650mms miss 1 out of 2 at 25-30 km with phas ...2003.08.04 19:29:00
- It wouldn't make much sense for CCP to install the licencing system if they grandfather existing BP ...2003.08.01 19:54:00
- When you actually hit the projectile damage is fine; the problem is that you miss so much and fire s ...2003.07.31 17:14:00
- Sounds good.Once the existing BP copies run out we will finally see some specialization in manufactu ...2003.07.31 08:18:00
- I feel kind of bad for Mulligan Defense. The selfish greedy TTI average joe hyenas only pay Mulligan ...2003.07.29 18:33:00
- Yes, you still can do as much damage per hit as energy or hybrid weapons, but projectile weapons hav ...2003.07.17 15:40:00
- They probably just shot your corp mate just to get some exposure here. The pirate flame threads they ...2003.07.15 17:35:00
- It's like you say, your pod can own them. CONCORD obviously consider them laughing stocks beneficial ...2003.07.15 17:28:00
- It seems to me that m0o's recourse in this is simple:Hire Setec's lawyer and sue CONCORD and the sen ...2003.07.11 19:13:00
- Just tell us if this is an intentional feature to solve the BP copy proliferation problem. =) ...2003.07.07 16:50:00
- I had this same problem with a long job. It appears that the code may not consider the lab used unle ...2003.07.07 16:38:00
- "Unless you can find a hybrid captain dumb enough to let you webify/kite him at 30k" Paul, 30k may ...2003.07.04 21:48:00
- Nightwing, you don't have to stay at 30k. We ran some PvP tests and projectile users can't hurt you ...2003.07.03 19:15:00

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