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- What is your perspective on the protests current happening in New Eden. What do you know about them ...2011.06.25 21:05:00
- For the short time I've been here it's been a great ride guys, seeing Hilmar's mail sealed the deal ...2011.06.25 03:38:00
- ...2011.06.25 03:34:00
- Goonswarm fed preps to select a new mmo to troll.How many subs is that? Voting block indeed. Just ...2011.06.25 03:30:00
- Edited by: Xeross155 on 25/06/2011 03:28:34 Goodbye cruel yet awesome universe.-2 herehttp://post.l ...2011.06.25 03:28:00
- this option is probably the safest but most risky.Wut? wut ...2011.06.04 13:13:00
- Welcome back :D ...2011.05.31 19:26:00
- The previous CSM wanted to remove them completely, luckily people have responded to this with discon ...2011.05.10 18:15:00
- On one hand I think that they should keep learning skills as they add another choice, however 2m fre ...2010.11.26 14:37:00
- I'm about as far as you could possibly get from being a fan of "Supercapitals Online", but...The day ...2010.11.12 10:59:00
- I wrote an automated market scanner myself once, not much too it, and as has been said there's a rat ...2010.10.29 01:58:00
- And as is with most if not all automated tools, check everything yourself instead of blindly relying ...2010.10.29 01:44:00
- You see, this is actually a good idea however the current process for reviewing logo's is just not g ...2010.10.28 21:20:00
- No ...2010.10.28 21:11:00

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