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- CSM is just CCP lapdog and always will be.will not vote for any of them for any reason.they all all ...2011.03.18 13:39:00
- planets that rotate on their axis with moon/moons.stop warping thru solid objects.directional nav th ...2011.03.10 16:29:00
- great ones all of them.laughing with tears in my eyes.keep it going and fly safe. ...2011.03.10 16:02:00
- CCP is like the UN\NATO.they talk the talk and never walk the walk.they would rather ingnore the pro ...2011.03.08 21:32:00
- every spaceship ever builded and in the movies have nav thrusters.allows space crafts and star ships ...2011.02.25 02:01:00
- great I can do contracts in EVE since i started playing the game.aim high CCP and ke ...2011.01.29 19:48:00
- when it comes to CCP it is their way nor no way.this is the reality of EVE.remember when evryone wan ...2011.01.14 15:41:00
- why is it that no planet in eve rotates on its axis? this makes any kind of planet orbit impossible ...2011.01.14 15:35:00
- content are they who expect nothing. for they shall not be disappionted.and that is me.for every tit ...2011.01.14 15:08:00
- player designed space stations.the CCP designed ones lack imagination.why is there only one kind of ...2011.01.12 21:33:00
- i really do not give a damn for is so over rated like all new things are in EVE.when they do W ...2011.01.11 23:33:00
- planet/moon orbits with one with orbit around stations and jumpgates now.also more realis ...2011.01.11 23:21:00
- this ship is an useless as santa claus/his sleigh and his reindeers.if this s a Cncord ship I hate t ...2010.12.23 21:34:00
- want to order this on EVE main page goes to the EVE store just for EON magazine orders.ple ...2010.12.22 02:58:00
- what happens to the planet population left behind infected with the shansha nanites.surely somewhere ...2010.12.21 20:26:00

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