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- Edited by: Crewman Jenkins on 13/06/2011 05:14:34 I won't join a pvp op without voice, and I like t ...2011.06.13 05:09:00
- So I slept on the ship's console again, big whoop, wanna fight about it? ...2011.06.08 22:11:00
- Play a lot of Freespace 2, do ya?Let Red Forman explain for those of you who don't know. http://www ...2011.06.08 21:30:00
- Edited by: Crewman Jenkins on 08/06/2011 21:27:13 A PC gamer that uses a console controller is a fa ...2011.06.08 21:27:00
- I want one of those rubber suits with metal fins on the arms/shoulders, and a fishbowl bubble helmet ...2011.06.08 16:17:00
- Heh, my PC is 4 years old, my vid card is 2 years old and I can run the sisi/duality incarna just fi ...2011.06.07 07:57:00
- The only one I agree on is the revenant. You know what that looks like, right? How did nobody see ...2011.06.05 22:24:00
- This nose ring makes it feel like I always have a booger ...2011.06.05 22:19:00
- I ceased to care when I learned it wasn't a PC game. ...2011.06.05 21:39:00
- Edited by: Crewman Jenkins on 03/06/2011 12:10:22 Wouldn't shell density have an affect on damage a ...2011.06.03 12:04:00
- I also hate how the stargate sound gets stuck so you hear it wherever you go. ...2011.06.03 11:59:00
- Back when my typhoon had an optimal range bonus? hmm ...2011.06.01 17:23:00
- They don't have noticeable recoil, but they do have to retract the mechanism into a cooling chamber ...2011.06.01 16:55:00
- Of course they're doing it for the money, its a business, this isn't the blessed order of St. Mary t ...2011.05.28 11:32:00
- I think that is a cool idea. ...2011.05.18 08:47:00

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