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- Staying online would save all that pesky waiting for EVE to load and logging in business.Though I th ...2011.01.22 18:48:00
- Geddon with Heavy Repair Drones would probably be helpful for most instances. ...2011.01.21 04:33:00
- I am satisfied. ...2011.01.19 08:27:00
- Okay so the main idea is to transport a T1 BPO of some sort to a planet surface move it to the unnam ...2011.01.12 14:48:00
- I know it's a little tricky building ships for an alliance on your one manufacturing toon.Well getti ...2011.01.05 19:13:00
- As it stands one person with one BPO and one open manufacturing slot can flood a major trade hub by ...2011.01.01 23:08:00
- Docket: the list of business to be transacted by a board, council, legislative assembly, or the like ...2010.12.27 06:52:00
- If you can just get enough bugs in there it will become a truly remarkable program. ...2010.12.26 23:46:00
- You know at 100k a single Robotics chain would make well over 2 billion a month right? ...2010.12.26 03:51:00
- Finally Sterile Conduits are on the rise again.Mind when the Buy price at Jita dropped below 400k I ...2010.12.25 01:07:00
- The T2 market is already under assault by vastly cheaper meta 4 items, actually useful Faction ships ...2010.12.21 09:52:00
- Okay I think it was about a year ago, I went to Amarr to see what Mechanical Data Cores was selling ...2010.12.21 09:40:00
- I think people do run streaming EVE, they just stream from their home computer to their hand held.Ma ...2010.12.21 09:30:00
- But ramjet ships are even uglier then EVE ships... ...2010.12.20 10:16:00
- Maybe if there was a way to load an afterburner or MicroWarp with Rocketfuel that burned Rocketfuel ...2010.12.20 09:07:00

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