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- Edited by: Dr Karsun on 21/07/2011 15:53:05 Printscreen or it didn't happen.edit - to the op, not t ...2011.07.21 15:53:00
- Rockets (missiles/torps/etc) are still the most commonly used weapons in game. This means - they don ...2011.07.21 15:50:00
- The spatial rift - did you check that out? It may have been something totally awesome! Seriously it ...2011.07.21 15:47:00
- Nobody is crazy enough to work 10 years to ruin his company, since if it gets proven, he will go to ...2011.07.20 22:11:00
- Gallente was my first choice and I stayed with it. I didn't really care about the looks (also that's ...2011.07.18 12:38:00
- MOST awesome thing EVAH! I want to watch whatever I like on that screen! CCP make an app allowing th ...2011.07.14 08:44:00
- I see no problem with it as long as your emploeyment doesn't change, date of creation, etc. You can ...2011.07.14 08:35:00
- Hey!So, what I'm proposing is a POS selling mechanism. Currently there are only 4 ways to part with ...2011.07.13 16:07:00
- Edited by: Dr Karsun on 13/07/2011 15:52:30 "Have you ever seen what an orbital bombardment of just ...2011.07.13 15:52:00
- I can't get your point, when I trained my alt I was pretty happy with the training times, when I tra ...2011.07.05 16:54:00
- I have my hd 5770 run really well with the CQ. The thing I needed to avoid the mirror trying to jump ...2011.06.23 17:17:00
- Try APB - all points bulletin. It's in beta now, but registering and getting an account takes 15 min ...2011.06.23 17:02:00
- Edited by: Dr Karsun on 23/06/2011 16:58:16 Well, I'm sorry to say this, but.... This is even worse ...2011.06.23 16:56:00
- Well, my pc runs up to 3 clients in their CQs as it does in the normal station, the frame rate doesn ...2011.06.11 12:34:00
- Well, it's been said over and over again, that there will be tonns and tonns of items in the vanity ...2011.06.11 12:25:00

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