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- Do the projectiles, lasers, rockets have all this problems? Can you kill a cannon? Is anyone spendin ...2011.08.20 16:49:00
- 3) Science does not stand still or stop the Gallente scientists cry on hybrids! The drone Modules m ...2011.08.20 16:46:00
- When I read this topic on wiki I found the drones to be the main Gallente weapon.May be it is the ...2011.08.20 16:43:00
- +100500, it's will be nice :) All support dron's must can help to owner of this dron's. ...2010.12.08 12:06:00
- iCheGevarich,30,51,52,53,54,55,16 ...2010.11.16 11:52:00

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