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- 1. It's a game 2. You're very sad expecting it to be more than what it is 3. My girlfreind is b ...2011.03.31 12:56:00
- Edited by: Soul Reaver on 08/11/2008 20:59:32 22 Bil ...2008.11.08 20:57:00
- XenTry to read the whole thread before posting otherwise you will look as stupid as the flamers that ...2007.05.08 15:54:00
- SmertriosYes I enjoyed it a lot and don't doubt you will see me again when I try some of these ideas ...2007.05.08 15:48:00
- DalmanWhilst I thank-you for the veiled flattery (I never knew I ws loved so so much) I can assure y ...2007.05.08 15:42:00
- Hey Ho Darth Sorry I didnt see you too much in corp I was away again on my travels :(Ok for the reco ...2007.05.08 12:03:00
- Moros you say! I hate being Caldari LOL :( Back to training. ...2007.05.07 18:30:00
- Siege module does NOT make you Ewar immune mate! the siege module, remote effects like warp scrambli ...2007.05.07 18:27:00
- PSThey didnt post my killmail and Knowing Verone he would have :) ...2007.05.07 18:20:00
- EckyI know :) I was just wondering if we could with a little tweaking make it better than a bad idea ...2007.05.07 18:17:00
- Thanks CronusI was using a simliar setup to that but as I say was having difficulty hitting anything ...2007.05.07 18:14:00
- Well I was hoping for something interesting, something usefull. Alas I hoped in vain. Marquis has so ...2007.05.07 18:01:00
- Hi GuysThe other night I lost my dread to a gang of Veto Corp. Now dont get me wrong I dont care abo ...2007.05.07 17:33:00
- Buyout It's mine :) ...2007.04.18 15:58:00
- 1.6 billion ...2007.04.17 16:10:00

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