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- I realized this morning this is the classic case of ADD "New Shiny" syndrome. I've seen it several ...2011.09.02 18:22:00
- I have always maintained oversight was as important for a CSM members as being a "new idea farie". ...2011.08.30 18:53:00
- It is flat ridiculous! Minutes should be a simple factual recording of the conversations. If NDA m ...2011.08.29 22:16:00
- CCP! Answer the plea of male space cross dressers and become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams! S ...2011.08.27 07:46:00
- So I have decided with the more recent release of "fashion" in the NEX store that I find it sort of ...2011.08.26 06:13:00
- Since this seems more active than the other null sec thread:0.0 has to change completely if there is ...2011.08.26 06:07:00
- Looks like you gave that some thought Manfred, but I have to fundementally disagree. That is just t ...2011.08.26 01:38:00
- We paid over 150 million isks to our miners for just a single small op yesterday! We are simply the ...2011.08.25 18:05:00
- As always welcoming new members of all types!No taxes! Great folks! Mining and industry!Active in ...2011.08.24 20:57:00
- Interesting idea, how about this as a variant. As you continue to have SOV the sec of you region sl ...2011.08.24 20:55:00
- lots of reasonable stuff. Thanks for taking the time to respond (both times) with some reasoned o ...2011.08.24 20:46:00
- Ugh, there's some crazy ideas up there. Sov-points and leases? Introduce a POS trading module to all ...2011.08.24 08:14:00
- Always looking for good folk to join the "O"!Never taxes! Jita prices paid for ore!Space Llamas!Joi ...2011.08.23 21:11:00
- CCP and sadly, the current CSM are taking the illogical postition that the majority of Eve players, ...2011.08.23 20:59:00
- Record ice op this weekend!Miners and industrialists! Join Tada O and discover how we have provided ...2011.08.22 18:57:00

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