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- Against frigates, you're better off recalling your drones and sending out the lights, with TP assist ...2008.12.15 05:13:00
- Passive Tank vs Active Tank I was wondering why people don't use active tanks anymore. Any pvp-er k ...2008.12.14 17:48:00
- tl;dr version? ...2008.12.11 02:48:00
- Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Damage Control II Mediu ...2008.12.10 15:31:00
- you're trying to do too many things.thats gonna be christmas for whoever as much as looks at you wro ...2008.12.05 14:20:00
- *shrug* it looks fine to me for what you want it to do. ...2008.12.04 12:08:00
- I was contemplating the Huginn and thought, Ah Ha! and then realised I wasn't thinking at all so dec ...2008.12.04 12:07:00
- We cannot stop events in motion. UHF will be irrevocably destroyed, it is too late. DESPAIR! ...2008.11.30 23:15:00
- they still working on those blaster changes? : ( ...2008.11.30 03:43:00
- Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnostic System II Power Diagnost ...2008.11.30 02:44:00
- oh yes, a hefty 4 low slot tank.good thinking there. ...2008.11.28 19:18:00
- I'd like for you to spam " I said what what, in da butt " to Tchell continuously for the next day if ...2008.11.28 17:19:00
- Also keep in mind you're going to have them crosstraining the moment they start playing -_-' hardly ...2008.11.28 13:37:00
- or they could make the deimos knownot suck.that would work too ...2008.11.27 14:48:00
- Edited by: Amma Kudalkar on 27/11/2008 14:33:23 in with the mandatory "just bring a falcon of your ...2008.11.27 14:47:00

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