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- Sry to hear this. Hope all turns out well ...2011.06.26 10:43:00
- On contract in Jita. Starting at 60 M, 94.5M buyout. Lovely toy for you to play with! ...2010.07.02 17:43:00
- I support the idea that the storylines be removed. ...2010.03.31 12:17:00
- DJ Skrull, you are in demand. A lot of corps want to PVP and hate mining. However, to build any ...2010.03.19 10:25:00
- As I said before, the general feedback has been negative. You are right, it is not exclusivly negat ...2010.02.12 10:31:00
- I ran the level three version of the mission and it was a decent mission. The mission itself was wh ...2010.02.09 10:42:00
- CCP,As a follow up, you now have almost two months of feedback on the experiment. The feed back see ...2010.02.01 11:05:00
- CCP,Two accounts vote strongly against this type of mission.Major reason, the long trip to the locat ...2010.01.31 19:30:00
- Advice from another dual box Daddy who plays after the kid goes to sleep and gets disconnected.Warp ...2010.01.11 08:37:00
- Bump ...2009.10.11 14:15:00
- Application coming your way, this looks like fun ...2009.09.29 12:20:00
- As ever, we are looking for good pilots ...2009.09.13 13:29:00
- Hey Barlas, we might be what you are looking for.Laid back with Vent, PvP as you want, pos bashing o ...2009.09.04 18:49:00
- More free beer ...2009.09.04 18:44:00
- Meaningful text here... ...2009.09.03 18:05:00

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