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- A direct answer from CCP on an important issue? I'm impressed. ...2011.09.07 03:30:00
- More like put up or shut up. You know, the way things normally work in eve. ...2011.09.02 04:43:00
- Or, you know, they could just publish the minutes and then give us their interpretation of them. Cer ...2011.08.28 02:15:00
- Don't know what goes boom or drops (I'm assuming only the cargohold drops). However, I did test what ...2011.08.27 16:18:00
- Drake? Really? Sentry Gila is much better than the drake. It's about twice as fast, has plenty of ro ...2011.08.19 05:51:00
- I have yet to see a hyperion fitting that can match the tank and dps of a domi. If you can come up w ...2011.08.18 05:52:00
- T2 ships take quite a bit of work, and the margins really aren't that large, so you probably won't s ...2011.08.10 05:21:00
- So . . . what kind of prices are we talking here? +5% Jita sell? ...2011.08.05 23:45:00
- Will improvements to wormhole life be included in this? Also: One of the main complaints seems to be ...2011.08.03 20:46:00
- List please ...2011.08.01 00:49:00
- Personally, I do 2 of each mission specific hardener, 1 Large armor rep, and a DCU, which so far has ...2011.07.31 16:27:00
- Does anyone know: 1.) About how well do drone material payouts compare regular rat bounties? 2.) ...2011.07.31 16:23:00
- Afaik the sisters stuff sells for at least 40 mil at amarr, so idk what kind of margins you want to ...2011.07.31 14:33:00
- He's trolling, the ferox pretty much sucks. The hurricane is a good ship, tankable in either shield ...2011.07.30 02:31:00
- Hamilar's letter mostly ...2011.07.29 19:17:00

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