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- My alt was in the same system as Boson during Hulkageddon, flying a Covetor, and despite baiting him ...2011.06.26 21:05:00
- CSM won't do anything sensible, it's got Goons in it. People get what they deserve. ...2011.06.25 19:22:00
- Welcome to Accuracy 101. To all those ranting about the loss of "ship spinning" in Incarna - previo ...2011.06.22 11:30:00
- Despite playing Eve for quite a while now, I don't spend much time on the forums. There are some ter ...2011.06.12 18:25:00
- Hulk with full T2 fittings and arkonor crystals. Due to wife demanding my attention over a pointless ...2011.06.11 19:22:00
- As a general rule, lowsec is where all the kids who love to trip up old ladies and shoot squirrels ...2011.05.30 00:50:00
- Also, the guy above me seems to have been podded a few times by flashy mean people in low sec. Abo ...2011.05.29 20:07:00
- Edited by: Twostroke McGurk on 28/05/2011 23:12:40 As a general rule, lowsec is where all the kids ...2011.05.28 23:07:00
- One time when my corp was still in high sec we had a whole corp we were at war with disappear into ...2011.05.28 22:49:00
- Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I think the area I'm going wrong is not topping up the capacito ...2011.05.28 10:49:00
- I recently bought a Wolf and decided to try it out on a bog-standard level II mission, thinking it w ...2011.05.28 01:10:00
- Of several agents I've seen, I just found one that has a "locate character" option, who will for a s ...2011.04.07 00:10:00
- If you are stuck doing it solo, and have plenty of time on your hands (and I mean plenty) then the t ...2011.04.06 10:50:00
- Lucky you, must be your turn because we had the same problem some time back 8 weeks and then they st ...2011.03.28 01:35:00
- My corp and I have been based in a C2 wormhole for a couple of months now. Prior to that we spent se ...2011.03.28 01:24:00

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