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- Due to TEST's recent demolishing of IT and pets, we now have extraneous space that we no longer need ...2011.02.11 18:08:00
- It depends on the severity of the incoming loss, if it's high, then you have to bring the whole thin ...2010.12.20 02:13:00
- Bring down the servers when you're about to get blown up. ...2010.12.20 02:06:00
- Bump! Still looking for tons of rookie ships. Thank you! ...2010.11.22 19:05:00
- Want to buy any and all rookie ships in Jita 4-4. 100k ISK per ship. Contracts can be posted to Sub ...2010.11.22 06:11:00
- Edited by: Sub Atomic on 21/11/2010 08:09:37 Due to some error with CCP, the character was unable t ...2010.11.21 04:48:00
- Edited by: Sub Atomic on 20/11/2010 01:27:14 Isk has been sent. ...2010.11.20 01:26:00
- Edited by: Sub Atomic on 20/11/2010 01:30:50 Just looking for a character with basic freighter skil ...2010.11.20 01:04:00
- Edited by: Sub Atomic on 11/11/2010 19:41:04 Kthx. ...2010.11.10 23:02:00
- Great service, had a wonderful time! ...2010.07.02 16:16:00
- Moar tears for the tear thread.You misspelled "more", just thought I should let you know. ...2010.06.26 04:43:00
- G alliance was foe I have ever fought against.The G alliance was great... Best foe I've ...2010.06.26 04:39:00
- OK I wanted you corps to voice your opinions about this. Say I fly into your null sec, kill some of ...2010.06.26 04:28:00

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