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- I agree something should be done to put an end to blob warfare. It's "unrealistical", not fun, and n ...2010.06.06 19:01:00
- Any possibility you'll be adding more situational warnings? It makes no sense that a super-advanced, ...2009.08.23 10:31:00
- When will you make something like this but for individual pilots? I've been wanting to participate i ...2009.06.12 17:43:00
- Any other opinions on this? ...2009.03.20 18:29:00
- LEAGUES:I would like to propose a new type of organizations, made of corporations, alliances, and ma ...2009.03.07 20:33:00
- Hi! I agree with you, some other kind of political entity is needed, both for RP pourposes as for " ...2008.08.11 02:01:00
- Support. ...2008.07.31 12:02:00
- I still don't understand why they used a mothership? Wasn't a hauler full of bombs easier & cheaper ...2008.05.16 21:44:00
- What about substituting the cyno jammer for a new kind of defensive module? I've come with an idea t ...2008.03.13 18:58:00
- Bump? ...2008.03.08 22:43:00
- Edited by: Ellaine TashMurkon on 24/02/2008 19:50:28 You can do this by typing "I support liberatio ...2008.03.02 17:54:00
- I like it. Eve seems to be about ready for such a thing. Not only would it be useful for the things ...2008.02.29 22:07:00
- Edited by: Kenji Noguchi on 24/02/2008 14:59:43 Edited by: Kenji Noguchi on 24/02/2008 14:25:05 LE ...2008.02.24 12:53:00
- I think the Moa and the Eagle could use a little bit more powergrid; it's going to be hard to fit 5 ...2008.02.04 21:11:00
- I want to ask why we, the European players, have to pay the same price in Euros than the US players ...2007.12.11 18:18:00

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