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- I'm a pirate, and I'm the sexiest. Anyone who says no will be executed. ...2011.01.19 01:01:00
- I lawl at the kiddies who think they can smack. That's right, I lawl at you.If you want to learn to ...2011.01.10 06:40:00
- Edited by: Golden Helmet on 10/01/2011 01:44:01 Some of you may remember the events of a few months ...2011.01.10 01:41:00
- This is the loot gods doing, I swear ...2010.12.27 04:33:00
- So, I'm a little curious:Corp A anchors and onlines a control tower. They anchor token defenses and ...2010.12.27 04:25:00
- My God that fit is abysmal. Noob got what he deserved.That being said, nobody needs a reason to ward ...2010.12.25 23:24:00
- Here's the deal: If we agree to a 1 v 1 fight, we will honor it. If we agree to let you live for X a ...2010.12.09 04:40:00
- X - Catalyst ...2010.11.29 12:02:00
- I've been wanting one for ages, but 500 is a tad rich for my blood. I'll bid 50. ...2010.11.22 10:40:00
- If one of my guys broke a ransom \ 1 v 1 before they joined my corp, I don't care. What they do befo ...2010.11.11 00:31:00
- wow this ballooned quite nicely. I have no interest in helping you get new targets so offer is resci ...2010.10.15 05:13:00
- You know, I thought this was one of our alts. I even made a post in our internal forums, asking who' ...2010.10.14 09:15:00
- 100m and I'll make them suffer ...2010.10.14 06:24:00
- GUYS WHAT ARE WE DOING?... Sorry. Python meme ...2010.10.07 10:05:00
- Hey I just bought another Archon, can I join? Awesome, I have a POS we can put it in! Don't worry, ...2010.10.06 04:51:00

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