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- I've personally never much seen the point in punishing marauders in PvP so severely considering fact ...2011.08.18 21:09:00
- Edited by: Rented on 21/08/2011 23:38:04 I think you've mistaken EVE with a feature complete game, ...2011.08.17 20:15:00
- I don't get a 'box feeling' but if a < 1s animation is important to you then best of luck with your ...2011.08.13 23:23:00
- Why not.Playing some sort of small jump animation wouldn't cause any delay and shouldn't be a proble ...2011.08.13 23:16:00
- Edited by: Rented on 12/08/2011 19:33:24 I don't really think making every little piece of intel li ...2011.08.12 19:32:00
- Qqqqqq qq qqq qqqq qq qqqqqq qq qqqqqqq qqqqqqqq. Qqqq qq qqq qq qq qq qqq qqqq qqq qqqqqqqq qqqqqqq ...2011.07.30 21:41:00
- Edited by: Rented on 29/07/2011 20:41:14 I present to you, the double-click. There are many places ...2011.07.29 20:41:00
- If I want legal ownership over someone's ipod or fancy camera, wallet or bagel irl all I have to do ...2011.07.22 02:12:00
- I'd point out the obvious flaws but, simply by failing to see them in the first place, you've demons ...2011.07.20 19:37:00
- Wormhole space is better in every way, this is obviously why far more people live in wormholes then ...2011.07.17 23:20:00
- Edited by: Rented on 17/07/2011 23:13:22 Please read up on the various aggression timers and then r ...2011.07.17 23:09:00
- This is not achievements online. Try to set your own goals and show some imagination Almost anythin ...2011.07.17 23:06:00
- truncated content ...2011.07.17 23:03:00
- Not terribly many people even care to buy ships pre-fitted, making this somewhat irrelevant. ...2011.07.17 22:58:00
- I my sound was un-broken with Tyrannis. Was unware people still had major sound issues... I do now ...2011.07.16 00:54:00

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