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- Time codes sent, thanks for shopping, fly safe! ...2011.06.11 15:12:00
- Edited by: Butch Leupold on 11/06/2011 15:09:58 Edited by: Butch Leupold on 11/06/2011 15:07:07 Wa ...2011.06.11 15:07:00
- If a faction warfare player loses his ship in a faction warfare system, what does he get for his tro ...2011.03.29 01:23:00
- I actually did talk about this in my election campaign.Ok lets talk about a few things... - Faction ...2011.03.27 12:24:00
- Congratulations to the CSM winners!Ok, back to FW! see you out there! ...2011.03.27 12:15:00
- Windows Phone 7 User as well... Would be a great app to have in the Marketplace! ...2011.03.24 20:24:00
- More EvE Videos I have done, hope you enjoy! Good season fellow candidates!!!Caldari Drake Drake Yo ...2011.03.23 03:03:00
- Last day of Voting... "I am not a crook.... :)" - Richard Nixon "Ask not what your country can do ...2011.03.22 21:28:00
- Ok came back early! :)Vote for Butch! Last push! :) ...2011.03.22 02:26:00
- Heya Guys!!!I will be away for work (military) for the rest of the voting period. Thanks for all the ...2011.03.16 21:26:00
- I was asked today about my pvp experience and what my stats was... pretty average as shown in the fo ...2011.03.15 23:32:00
- Thank you for all the Support and Votes! Keep em coming!!!! ...2011.03.14 22:39:00
- Hanging out in Nourvukaiken this morning, come on by and say hi!Butch ...2011.03.12 12:23:00
- Be involved! The CSM is here to represent your ideas and feedback to CCP. You pay your monthly subsc ...2011.03.11 11:23:00
- Good Morning!Any other topics to discuss? Hope everyone has a great day. Fly Safe! ...2011.03.11 11:17:00

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