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- -6also to mention they are so full of themselves with this elusive BS. What a grand idea to just rid ...2011.06.25 16:33:00
- This guys are hilarious going on about power supplies and voltage... will that replace caldar ian lo ...2011.06.25 08:32:00
- Edited by: Dark Shadowstar on 10/06/2011 15:07:56 In reply to my petition about our awful Transpare ...2011.06.11 02:57:00
- Fix map view bookmark selection...)8(Why make EvE something it's not?! Completely fn up a proven en ...2011.06.06 18:59:00
- 0.5 GB of unchecked files with new code in one patch = disaster. I would rather have small patches ...2011.06.02 14:43:00
- Wonder if there is a thread on # of subscriptions cancelled?I would be embarassed to even continue w ...2011.06.01 00:39:00
- Apparently these problems exist because you take for granted the investment individuals put into "pl ...2011.05.31 23:40:00
- Interface Opeing the ship scanner (even with hotkey) creates an error buzz sound. If adding bo ...2010.09.30 21:35:00

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