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- Well, I reactivated my account after a few months off the game and haven't been able to stay in game ...2010.07.08 09:04:00
- thankyou for the post and my apologies for not knowing and therefore asking a question. I spent a g ...2009.06.18 17:58:00
- in what way lana torrin? i posted the exact email and the contract was as i posted originally?Am i ...2009.06.18 17:44:00
- well i tried to convo the sender and the ceo of the corp and both put me on block, not the actions ...2009.06.18 14:48:00
- I recieved the evemail below randomly and I thought, by accident but after trying to contact the guy ...2009.06.18 05:31:00
- this is probably a silly question and i apologise if it is but can a frieghter enter roid belts? i.e ...2008.08.18 09:10:00
- thx!!that really isn't explained anywhere i could find by eve! ...2007.05.23 06:56:00
- hi all,i'm on a trial acc at the mo and want to buy the full version. Now the game is like hens tee ...2007.05.23 06:36:00

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