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- Isn't char scamming a bannable offense? ...2011.07.27 10:13:00
- If you wanna kill bots, the first place you should visit would be the bot publishers forums. Join th ...2011.07.18 10:49:00
- mail sent to Gavin Tao'in ...2011.07.03 20:36:00
- Actually i have a 2008 laptop which i can't use for EVE now as well. I just to use it just to chat w ...2011.07.03 20:27:00
- Edited by: clixoras on 07/05/2011 07:58:59 delete plz. looked wrong ...2011.05.07 07:37:00
- i'll take the Cyclone and Typhoon BPO. Will contact you ingame. ...2011.04.22 11:10:00
- Edited by: Mr Kidd on 07/04/2011 12:01:26 Don't worry the patch is like 1.7MB.Oh and what are you d ...2011.04.07 12:18:00
- Isotope price has been going up since July last year. Regardless of a 'unholy not so raging' they wi ...2011.04.01 13:54:00
- if someone would make a web-interface like eve-profits with this data then this got potential. It ha ...2011.04.01 11:46:00
- Hola,Im looking for a way to import price data from EvE-Central into a Google Document with either a ...2011.03.31 09:48:00
- Edited by: Vaerah Vahrokha on 30/03/2011 09:07:18 High price trit => less ships done => less mega n ...2011.03.30 09:52:00
- Wasn't aware that Charlie Sheen also played EVE.And FYI, Anti cheat processes have more to do with h ...2011.03.30 08:42:00
- So demand is down, maybe all the 0.0 alliances ( I have no clue what I am talking about, don't keep ...2011.03.30 08:33:00
- Megacyte has dropped almost 15% in the past couple of weeks, Zydrine is down 5%, and the rest seem f ...2011.03.30 07:52:00
- you remind me of the 'new' Omar who killed Snoop in the Wire ...2011.03.30 07:48:00

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