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- Hi MFR, this something I even have not considered. Very interesting idea. I just wonder if the exten ...2011.07.13 12:20:00
- Hi, so far i'm using nighthawk for all in 1 highsec exploration ship. has enough dps and cpu. so far ...2011.07.13 11:37:00
- how much do those sell for? ...2008.02.27 18:42:00
- Ion Siege Blaster Cannon I anybody buying those? how much would you spend on this item? ...2008.02.08 19:16:00
- Edited by: MafiaFromRussia on 10/01/2008 14:30:36 better to get a hulk. prices are not that much hi ...2008.01.10 14:28:00
- hi , when did cruiser to level 5 became prerequisit to heavy assaut ships? is that even correct? ...2008.01.06 18:05:00
- so no one has a problem like this? ...2008.01.04 13:19:00
- when in windowed mode have a problem with picture clarity. if i point a mouse over the game all the ...2008.01.02 22:36:00
- hi, a general question. is it posible to buy a character for real money. my friend wants to play eve ...2007.12.13 19:44:00
- hi does any one know where to find these two items? i'm currently located in caldari space jita syst ...2006.06.06 19:36:00

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