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- My thoughts, for what they're worth, is to keep the agreement as was originally posted. I bought int ...2009.11.18 08:44:00
- sent, apologies for the delay; I'm a bit over EvE at the moment as such I wasn't really watching. ...2009.11.18 08:32:00
- Where are you doing this? I'm trying it from the Dev Blog and if I right click I just get the option ...2009.11.13 15:46:00
- This news release contains forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumpti ...2009.11.13 01:46:00
- Finally, you can talk about my reputation suffering, and I don't give a crap about it If you don't ...2009.11.11 20:43:00
- What character do I send the isk to for this investment? Ill expect 12% back over the term atleast.f ...2009.11.11 18:26:00
- I think a good plan is more important than most anything; and audit is a useful tool to prove they c ...2009.11.11 17:37:00
- hauling fee's are generally done per jump, and I think it's something like 250k / jump. ...2009.11.11 17:30:00
- For such a small lotto, your markup is way too high; try 40 tickets at 10mil, or even 370 at 1m. ...2009.11.11 12:15:00
- I think his Eve age is a competent argument against him. Granted he has established some sort of t ...2009.11.11 12:08:00
- *sigh* yes, VV. I've yet to see a competent argument against him, have seen him handle a lot of isk' ...2009.11.10 15:59:00
- Goons = the new EBank; every thread must be about them.All of them have already been listed tbh:Chir ...2009.11.10 15:41:00
- you have no use for, like nubile young womenI quit! ...2009.11.07 05:27:00
- Wait... forgive me if this sounds stupid - but did you just say Dreadnoughts and Motherships will ha ...2009.11.07 04:14:00
- yay! The value of isk should rise!Also I heard that as you get more space, the cost rises. ...2009.11.07 02:33:00

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