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- iam waiting for the day, where some alliances can blob with 50+ titans an entire cap fleet of the sa ...2009.10.14 17:04:00
- heya ccp,in the above named video the last guy asked for a screensaver with the background of your g ...2009.10.11 15:28:00
- i say, we need stacking penalities for starting stupid threads!!! ...2009.10.10 18:04:00
- +1i want! ...2009.10.04 14:23:00
- then you should ask for a pos module which provides a fitting service for tech3 ships and not outpos ...2009.10.03 11:54:00
- sry but nothis would be one step for "final" settlement in wormhole systems and outposts in wh syste ...2009.10.03 11:26:00
- MOAR TAXES CCP! MOAR!!!It should be 25% if you are in a NPC corp , raising each week by another 1% u ...2009.09.23 09:33:00
- MOAR TAXES CCP! MOAR!!!should be 25% if you are in a NPC corp , raising each week by another 1% up t ...2009.09.22 15:13:00
- op, are you going to tell us that failswarm and your 5000+ schoolkids are not able to hold querious ...2009.09.20 08:36:00
- sounds like ccp is going to f*** off those mission runner in npc corps wohoooooo ...2009.09.19 12:02:00
- i for one belive we dont need any sort of "live" concord ...what we need is a fix to insurance payou ...2009.09.14 14:11:00
- Why is the Ashimmu better at damage AND using its utility highs (uberneuts) than the Phantasm? wrong ...2009.09.12 12:03:00
- You've made a small error in balancing your hulls. The ashimmu, with its 8 equivalent medium laser t ...2009.09.12 06:45:00
- when will you stupid people understand it at last?this isnt any CS Server where we have only 32 ppl ...2009.09.11 17:08:00
- Edited by: jeffb on 10/09/2009 03:04:01 Soooooo... who's thinking goonswarm, goonswarm1, goonswarm2 ...2009.09.10 03:21:00

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