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- Now now....we were told we would be getting the Tornado this summer... ...2011.09.02 23:49:00
- Many ships passing through jumpgates are instantly visible. DURING the gatecloak time. They can be ...2011.09.01 20:19:00
- We were told in the question/answer thread that the Tornado would be getting released later this sum ...2011.08.20 01:52:00
- Well, it would be nice if we had some use for all those pith spa-cards and tags and whatnot. ...2011.08.16 02:32:00
- This is a conundrum. I'm going to have to say that Machariel is better. It's just a lot more manly ...2011.06.24 19:54:00
- Sucks when it happens to you....hilarious when it happens to others:warped in on a gurista watch in ...2011.06.24 18:24:00
- To further add insult to injury, all of the exploration sites that are in the drone regions can be f ...2011.04.06 16:31:00
- Still here...still waiting. Dunno. Should we start petitioning this? What does it take to get a s ...2011.03.31 16:48:00
- How did they get screwed by devart judges? I didn't really follow the contest much, other then loo ...2011.03.29 19:10:00
- So, it looks like the contest website is now down, coinciding with the start of Fanfest. Perhaps th ...2011.03.24 18:35:00
- Imposing a game limit on the number of ships fighting in a given system is the only realistic measur ...2011.03.20 22:33:00
- Edited by: SFM Hobb3s on 15/03/2011 19:39:33 Yeah, ecm drones are pretty much a last-ditch thing. ...2011.03.15 19:37:00
- I don't think they'll lock the thread. I heard they said in the test forums we'd get news in a few ...2011.03.03 16:19:00
- Edited by: SFM Hobb3s on 03/03/2011 16:59:20 We too are thoroughly enjoying this deployment in Gemi ...2011.03.03 16:10:00
- Well, regardless if its gonna be revealed there, I would assume nothing, because nothing has been sa ...2011.02.24 21:24:00

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