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- Confirm ISK and info have been received. WC's stuffs have been transferred to other characters. Ma ...2010.11.13 05:08:00
- 5.5 billion ISK buyout accepted.Character is ready to go. As soon as I receive the ISK in my wallet ...2010.11.13 04:04:00
- Okay, let's see...- 35-60mil sp? Nope, only 32 million ... and only 30 million of those might apply ...2010.11.12 23:47:00
- Edited by: Warezmy Carr on 12/11/2010 23:21:29 Probably not what you're looking for, but what the h ...2010.11.12 23:20:00
- Wow. Offered something, then retracted ten minutes later. Found something better did ya? Oh well . ...2010.11.12 23:17:00
- To run EVE well on a laptop, you should get:1. The best video card option you can afford. 2. The ...2010.11.12 06:21:00
- According to the new schedule, it'll be in the first update at/by the end of November. ...2010.11.12 05:59:00
- Go to and register the character there so everybody can see the skills. Then edit the ...2010.11.12 04:41:00
- Edited by: Warezmy Carr on 12/11/2010 04:04:11 Or use that handy-dandy thing called EVE-Mail. By th ...2010.11.12 03:58:00
- A solid character selling for 5.5B ISK buyout. ...2010.11.12 03:12:00
- Probably not what you're looking for, but this pilot can fly all forty-something T1/T2/faction/tourn ...2010.11.12 02:48:00
- Edited by: Warezmy Carr on 12/11/2010 02:34:16Damage Control II Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer Repu ...2010.11.12 02:32:00
- lolYou should just buy my character -- he can do all of the bombers too. Plus, I lowered the buyout ...2010.11.11 18:22:00
- This was a good decision. Unfortunately, the delay also heightens expectations. I hope they don't ...2010.11.11 18:12:00
- Evidently I overestimated what he's worth, so I have lowered the buyout option to 5.5 billion ISK.I' ...2010.11.11 16:39:00

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