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- If the fight doesnít matter to you then why do you care you donít have to participate? Itís not gam ...2011.03.04 17:33:00
- Edited by: Miasmic Truth on 04/03/2011 15:14:01 I think itís a great idea, this doesnít eliminate o ...2011.03.04 15:13:00
- Supported, always thought the sizes were off ...2011.03.04 14:53:00
- Maybe I am the only one with this problem, but now that I have the ability to overheat modules, it s ...2011.02.03 17:38:00
- Edited by: Miasmic Truth on 19/01/2011 14:26:02 Fair enough, bad idea. No I don't have a deep unde ...2011.01.19 14:24:00
- I completely agree, I hate the dark layer, my personal opinion is that it should be removed complete ...2011.01.19 03:32:00
- Thanks for trying to think about the issue in a lateral way, but I think people with experience in t ...2011.01.19 03:17:00
- I was just thinking about this myself, it makes perfect sense to have the ability to anchor your shi ...2011.01.19 02:59:00
- Sounds good to me ...2011.01.19 02:44:00
- ēVote No - you think that because you pay a set fee each month that you should have access to all th ...2011.01.19 02:40:00
- Edited by: Miasmic Truth on 19/01/2011 15:16:21 Edited by: Miasmic Truth on 19/01/2011 02:36:36 Yo ...2011.01.19 01:37:00
- SUPER caps are super for a reason; the idea that a small gang should be able to nuet and drop a supe ...2011.01.18 21:58:00
- Also making an undetectable gate came impossible avoid in my opinion would be generating a broken me ...2011.01.18 21:10:00
- Itís hard to say any of the view listed are wrong in anyway, however it is true that CCP is working ...2011.01.14 17:44:00

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