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- Fitting ECCM does not give you marginal effects. It gives you a huge advantage against ECM boats. Ch ...2009.11.15 12:32:00
- I'm going to just run a list over things that needs to be changed in this game. Or if you prefer, im ...2009.11.15 01:30:00
- BB = Blackbird, very common abbreviation. Unless the BS field 2-3 ECCM the effect is marginal at bes ...2009.11.15 00:14:00
- Afterburners counter Webbers. Warp Core Stabilizers counter Warp scramblers/disruptors. Tracking c ...2009.11.14 20:38:00
- scorpian is a good ship for its role, wich is ecm.Do you have any shield tanking fits you'd like to ...2009.11.13 03:03:00
- Seems most people I tried to ask about this in-game have little or no information around this.I know ...2009.11.13 02:58:00
- I've flown shield buffer, armor buffer, and active armor repper Harbingers. I love how nimble (relat ...2009.11.13 01:39:00
- I don't get these changes.The whole line of Sansha ships are getting stumped, losing their shields a ...2009.11.08 20:00:00
- it has been delayed to post-dominion as we were prioritized onto other things and could not complete ...2009.11.07 11:17:00
- This is more of a long term goal, but if you already have Caldari BS and shield skills, why not cros ...2009.11.02 06:16:00
- Gyrostabilizer II Micro K-Exhaust Core Augmentation Nanofiber Internal Structure IIMedium Shield ...2009.11.02 03:59:00
- I never use MWD on my AF's unless I am flying in null-sec.For low-sec (where I mostly fly with AF's) ...2009.11.01 22:12:00
- Depends alot on which AF you are flying.The difference in DPS between a Wolf and Jaguar is pretty bi ...2009.11.01 22:07:00
- Edited by: Nalena Arlath on 01/11/2009 22:00:59 Any thoughts on this Jaguar fit please? I'm used to ...2009.11.01 22:00:00
- An incursus can pull nearly 160 rDPS with lasers Heat Sink II Heat Sink IIMedium Pulse Laser II, A ...2009.11.01 21:55:00

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