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- We're still looking for people with matching socks. ...2011.08.20 18:51:00
- I remember Ripee, what are you doing these days? Come join us! ...2011.08.16 18:41:00
- Yeah back! And yes, it's the original DJ Lightning still running the corp. ...2011.08.06 14:35:00
- testing testing ...2010.09.10 04:31:00
- Cynics! I met my sweetie playing Eve, most of the old crowd know he moved to Canada and has been li ...2010.07.12 05:35:00
- 1. dj lightning 2. cartiff 3. dj and cart togetherthe rest pale by comparison ...2007.10.07 20:21:00
- Who resurrect's this old news anyway? The original post is over a year old, ffs.Moderators, please l ...2007.09.28 16:06:00
- Bah, we can count this as the official announcement. Yep, four years as a corp with dj lightning sti ...2007.08.25 20:50:00
- WackyRMa (our main EU contact person) has been overtaken by RL, so if you can't find him online plea ...2007.07.29 06:38:00
- We fought each other for months in Stain, sometimes you killed me more than I killed you, and othe ...2007.07.28 06:09:00
- Still looking for new members. ...2007.07.26 07:33:00
- Quality corp, solid leadership.And they prove that wiminz are indeed on the interwebs.Hmmm another m ...2007.07.22 08:57:00
- yikes looks like this needs a bit of a bump, still looking especially for EU timezone players ...2007.07.21 06:45:00
- What the deuce is ooh shinyI'm sure you know but for those who don't ... oooh Shiny is mainly ex-Eup ...2007.07.20 06:39:00
- oceana is sooo haawwwwwwwwwwwtttttoooohhshinnyy.......I so need to figure out who's alt this is.... ...2007.07.18 08:28:00

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