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- i'm a complete newbie, but is it possible to own a t2 BPO, lock it down safely, but allow a 3rd part ...2011.09.05 09:11:00
- Edited by: Wollari on 21/08/2011 12:26:05 I just uploaded a couple pictures from yesterday evening. ...2011.08.27 08:10:00
- Try a search on the older posts - there will be a few meets that were organised where you can harves ...2011.05.24 13:03:00
- See you there TS ;) ...2011.03.22 16:39:00
- Higher participation is good. From those stats, the number of accounts in EVE has grown 11% in the l ...2011.03.20 15:20:00
- Just wear an EVE shirt on the plane - the % will become obvious soon enough ;) ...2011.03.13 16:18:00
- Go CCP Daishi.Time-stamps on the post show resolved from start to finish in <10hrs. Cigar for that o ...2011.03.11 15:23:00
- Does coming back from a holiday in Australia early count? ...2011.03.11 15:18:00
- IMO If this is the best CCP can come up with for a replacement Neo-com, it is high-time that CCP res ...2010.12.27 06:02:00
- Going to be in London on that day, but have to be somewhere at 21:00. What time do you start drinki ...2010.10.24 20:41:00
- Thanks for the very comprehensive round-up. Inclusion of CSM as a stakeholder in Agile is a signific ...2010.10.11 21:56:00
- Edited by: Serenity Steele on 11/10/2010 21:38:02 Thanks for the considerable heads-up on the repla ...2010.10.11 21:37:00
- Gankathon .. now there is a worthy reason for a road-trip up to Copenhagen. Count me in. ...2010.10.05 16:28:00
- Congratulations Wollari. It's been great to see the development, in particular the real-time statist ...2010.07.22 17:28:00
- Congratulations to the members of CSM 5. I see many familiar faces - Vuk, Diedra, Ankem..Eva should ...2010.05.26 17:51:00

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