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- Well, this is a new one. The past few weeks (I only log in to change skills) when I am in the game ...2011.08.22 00:02:00
- <Jus Lookin>,140, 121,88 ...2011.07.24 03:35:00
- 3.7b ...2011.04.18 13:52:00
- My personal standing with CN is bad, but I want to be able to buy and sell from Jita 4-4 with an alt ...2010.12.05 00:01:00
- I was also planning on Flying a Command ship with 3 gang assist modules and a cloak, so I will have ...2010.11.29 14:09:00
- I was planning on starting with Factional Warfare, Gallente Side. I was also planning on Flying a C ...2010.11.29 06:57:00
- So, on the 14th of December, I get a lot of free points to play with. I have enough to get Warfare ...2010.11.29 04:59:00
- Thank you for the replies. To clarify, I already have ADI at level 4. I am asking if there are any ...2010.07.02 08:30:00
- I am trying to plan out my skills to be able to fly carriers and supercarriers in a little over 2 mo ...2010.07.02 07:19:00
- hmm, ya, I knew it was something simple. I checked and I already had type checked off, but my names ...2010.05.31 16:02:00
- I am trying to scan planets. I noticed in the tutorial vid that the basic space overview shows the ...2010.05.31 09:20:00
- Edited by: Jus Lookin on 23/07/2009 07:28:56 Edited by: Jus Lookin on 23/07/2009 07:11:29 Edited b ...2009.07.23 07:11:00
- Edited by: Jus Lookin on 22/07/2009 16:48:36 Carriers are harder than I thought. It turns out that ...2009.07.22 16:09:00
- I have to admit, I've read this a few times and I'm sure that I'm not the only one not getting this. ...2009.07.22 05:26:00
- Hello everyone,Im a new EVE player and I am just about ready to pilot a Vexor. Within a week I'll ba ...2009.07.20 06:47:00

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