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- PLEX can be undestructable: Don't fly with one in your hold.Problem solved. ...2010.07.10 17:58:00
- 1 hr a day is about a billion times better than once a week imo.Really, it's a freaking hour. ...2008.07.05 08:27:00
- I'm in Michigan and never realized there was a show in Ohio. Origins is held every year in Columbus ...2008.06.30 15:19:00
- i have been playing for over 4 years and not once did i hear of scams in EVELies. ...2008.06.23 05:20:00
- Edited by: Gosh Krux on 23/06/2008 19:39:24 ...2008.06.23 05:15:00
- It was a little bad last nite, tonite, it's simply unplayable. 6 D/C's tonite, 3 in the past 30 mins ...2008.06.23 05:10:00
- Wait, IAC is still around? ...2008.06.12 14:45:00
- Yes! Absolutely!To my knowledge, this is the third time that this suggestion is made, and for the th ...2008.06.12 14:42:00
- EvE costs me 15 bucks a month.I get new content, new graphics engines, new network backbones (workin ...2008.06.02 20:42:00
- EvE's ruined me. When I play another mmo with shard servers, it drives me up the fricking wall.Shard ...2008.06.02 20:35:00
- I can't believe this thread is still going... ...2008.06.02 20:33:00
- What is wrong with EVE? Answer: 80% of the player base lives in empire.Think about that for a secon ...2008.06.02 20:29:00
- I just relize that since EVE won't do anything about high sec killing, war'dec and concord slow resp ...2008.06.02 20:27:00
- So I've been going over the features section a few times, and I'm wondering: Is there ANYTHING in th ...2008.06.01 18:54:00
- "Eve Online Vista Sidebar" in google nets ...2008.05.29 14:10:00

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