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- OMG EVE IS BROKEN!now I feel like I am part of the community! ...2010.12.25 19:52:00
- AKAIK, you only gain sec status every 15 minutes, and the amount is based on the largest accomplishm ...2010.12.25 19:46:00
- What I would really like to see is for ships to "level out" when at a full stop. As it is you can h ...2010.12.24 04:17:00
- I dont know about ruining the game, but there are some real geeks out there that are obsessed with t ...2010.12.24 04:11:00
- I cant see this working that well. It worked in the navy because the gun couldn't swivel. Since all ...2010.12.24 01:57:00
- I understand where your coming from, and I agree with what you said. However there seems to be a for ...2010.12.23 04:32:00
- I was going to start writing a story based in the EVE universe, and I had a awesome combat scene wor ...2010.12.23 02:17:00
- If you go to EVEGate, and click on the forum link you will see that it leads back here...So yeah, no ...2010.12.21 05:34:00
- Only slightly on topic;I remember a while back, I decided to give mining a try, I mean it cant be th ...2010.12.21 05:30:00
- What do yo think all those 1 million isk/unit of Trit that are always on the market are about? That' ...2010.12.20 08:15:00
- I think Sansha and/or Blood Raiders were using "spatial rifts" in some missions long before Apocryph ...2010.12.19 01:47:00
- Edited by: Wyke Mossari on 18/12/2010 13:16:21This is similar to the view I'm forming. I'm leaning t ...2010.12.19 01:40:00
- I don't think voting starts for another few weeks.Anyway I made this a few days a go for a laugh. Ce ...2010.12.17 05:19:00
- On a more serious, less related note;Has anyone ever seen a submarine in motion? That is what I thin ...2010.12.17 04:23:00
- It is both amusing and disappointing, the simplistic responses some people give to these sorts of id ...2010.12.17 04:10:00

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