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- Edited by: Arcon Telf on 12/08/2011 17:57:32 Hey guys, thought I'd step in here with some info on t ...2011.08.12 17:57:00
- With all due respect to the OP and CCP Veritas, I was in a "large" fleet fight today in HED.About 60 ...2011.08.10 23:48:00
- Started with the change of OS X to 10.6.4. There are various threads on the subject further back in ...2010.08.06 19:57:00
- I'm not sure when this started - possibly since Dominion, definitely since Tyrannis - but the statio ...2010.08.05 05:11:00
- Ohw ohw.... What a sad bunch of kittens do we have here. Been playing EVE since the day it got rel ...2010.08.04 23:37:00
- MeatSausage best Sausage.Yar. ...2009.10.15 18:18:00
- I have never dishonored a ransom nor have I ever seen anyone in my corp dishonor a ransom. In additi ...2009.09.16 03:49:00
- Twitch combaaat! baaatttleeeegrouuunds!To clarify i bring you this bit from the FAQYes, Player vs. P ...2009.04.09 18:17:00
- Best Eve app for the iPhone/iPod Touch BY FAR. I'll be sticking with this one for the foreseeable f ...2009.04.09 18:15:00
- Yup, /signed. ...2009.04.05 22:42:00
- /signed ...2009.04.05 21:15:00
- Ah gotcha. I seem to be experiencing the general issue that CCP needs to fix. ...2009.04.05 20:19:00
- Just upgraded to Apocrypha, and perhaps I'm late on this...but I feel like most of the sound effects ...2009.04.05 19:10:00
- These tweaks also gave me an immediate improvement. ...2009.04.05 19:07:00
- A successful suicide gank is the result of a massive collaborative effort and near flawless teamwork ...2009.01.02 06:56:00

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