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- you really dont know ccp very well do you,,,considering eve online is still in beta,, i doubt very m ...2011.07.01 00:59:00
- i used to have 3 accounts,, dropped to 2,, now merged the 3 main characters onto one account, specif ...2011.06.29 10:59:00
- response 14we can petition for sub ...2011.06.28 21:07:00
- can you just imagine Goons owning CCP? They would burn the game to the ground for lulz. it would b ...2011.06.28 20:29:00
- put a station in every highsec system in eve, makes no sence that there wouldnt be ones there and wi ...2011.06.26 20:33:00
- cool,, seems they atleast listen and adapt ...2011.06.25 20:53:00
- I don't get the rage going on in here. Maybe someone can explain how anything changes with Aurum?Cur ...2011.06.24 22:31:00
- Edited by: kai freeborn on 20/06/2011 13:54:01 mmm stevie in a gothic vamp costume,, now that would ...2011.06.20 13:54:00
- is there a technical not traditional reason for allowing a max of 10 ships per side? ...2011.06.17 17:15:00
- just get 4 pc's and then 3 friends to use the others, anything else still wont beat the lag as your ...2011.06.16 18:41:00
- Celebrities in real life pay millions for a an outfit they will wear only 1 time. It's quite common ...2011.01.08 17:04:00
- for me it has to besuicide is painless, the theme to mash, ...2009.12.15 00:03:00
- isk is easy to get,, however power and influence isnt, and the best is hardest to earn,,, TRUST ...2009.09.25 16:54:00
- wonder how long till corp fees get adjusted to be more inline with other expenses )))) ...2009.09.20 22:26:00
- just quickie,,, ref the 10 ship or less question,, do you think that very few ships can actually loc ...2009.09.19 20:15:00

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